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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cenyth 2010 Review

Cenyth Wines
Healdsburg, California

Red Blend: 54% Merlot, 34% Cabernet Franc, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon
13.5% abv
French Oak 14 months
$63.00 – I bought it at a wine store in Northville, Michigan

Nose: nice herbal and spice box notes on the nose; dark sweet berries follow; a whiff of vanilla as it opens; delicate bouquet and very pleasing with each sip

Flavor Profile: dark currants; black raspberry; pleasing spice notes swirl around the berry notes; a touch of sweet pink peppercorn mingles on the mid with the berries and then a musty white peppercorn on the finish with a light dark chocolate – 60% dark like bitterness; mild wood – I am thinking a sweet Alder Wood note here; fresh cigar tobacco leaf;

Mouthfeel: very pleasing; tannins under control; almost silky smooth; sweet dark berries up front and on the mid; light acidic touch on the mid; light dark chocolate like bitterness on the back; medium body for a red;

To the Point: have I said, this is very pleasing; this does not have that wow factor but, it is just like that old friend that you have not seen for a long time and you run into them and have a ‘very pleasing’ conversation; I say, turn off the lights and light up some candles and cuddle up with your sweetie as you enjoy this wine.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Franc 2013: Review

Cosentino Winery
Hopland, California

$17.99 a bottle

A nice Cab Franc with a deep garnet body; hints of spice and herbs on the nose with a fresh dark berry note; flavors: boysenberry, sweet cherry, hint of green peppercorn; not complex, rather simple, seems to lack character, nothing special – just nice. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Frontier Red Lot No. 90 Review

Fess Parker Winery
Santa Maria, California, USA

14.5% abv
$12.00 a bottle
Six pack purchase
The Super Fine Wine & Liquor in Canton, Michigan
Red Blend no vintage

Appearance: nice garnet body

Aroma: juicy red and black berries; blueberry, black and red currants,

Flavors: dark berries, currants, blueberry, hint of oak,

Mouthfeel: smooth, simple, easy to drink, tad thin,

Blue Cheese in Burger topped with smoked black sea salt, smoked black pepper, A1 sauce, hickory smoked thick sliced bacon, slice of aged Vermont Cheddar Cheese (didn't have any blue cheese), and romaine lettuce on a Hawaiian Bread Bun.

To the Point: a very simple red; good with food; had one glass with a burger for lunch and a glass with a New York strip for dinner; right price point to serve at a party; to set back and just enjoy – I’ll drink the Big Easy by Fess Parker Winery; I liked the earlier Frontier Reds

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Toasted Head 2010 Untamed Red Review

Toasted Head Winery

13.5% abv
Clearance price $8.00
At Kroger
Blend: 45% Syrah, 28% Petite Sirah, 14% Zinfandel, 9% Merlot, 3% Tannat, 1% Tempranillo

The last time I had the Untamed Red, a few years ago, I was not impressed but, for 8 bones I’ll try it again.

Appearance: black-purple body; ruby highlights

Aroma: some oak mixed with dark berries

Flavors: juicy blackberry, black currant; some oak and spice swirl on the palate;

Mouthfeel: little jammy on the fruit; light earthy feel; pleasing spice on the back and finish; medium medium-full body;

To the Point: a very pleasing wine; and at this price I went back to the Kroger store and bought the rest the bottles.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

2012 Caymus 40 Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon

Caymus Vineyards
Rutherford, California, USA

14.6% abv
One liter bottle

I went to La Bistecca tonight for dinner and Jerry said they had this bottle available and I just had to have it.  The 750 ml bottle should run around 60 bucks retail.  The one liter bottle at a wonderful restaurant like this set me back 140.  It paired well with my filet mignon. Damn, I just love their filet.  

Being young, only 2012, I thought it was ready to enjoy now and should age well.  The boysenberry and blackberry fruits were sitting there in the front row.  Nice fresh oak; some toasted vanilla bean seemed to float around on the back of the palate; silky satin mouthfeel; tannins were well controlled for such a young Cab.  I’ll be picking up a case of this.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Toasted Head Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: Review

Toasted Head Winery
Acampo, California, USA

13.5% abv
On sale at Kroger
For $9.59

I just cannot believe that I have never reviewed Toasted Head Cab nor Merlot.  I have always liked the TH Merlot over the Cabernet Sauvignon but, that was 10 years ago or so.  Let’s get on with the review.

Appearance: a somewhat translucent ruby body

Aroma: dark berry bowl with a hint of spice;

Flavors: not too often that I agree with what is written on a bottle of wine but, I my notes were real close to theirs; on the bottle: “… medium-bodied…, blackberry, cassis with hints of cloves and vanilla…”
I had: dark berries that remind me of blackberry, mulberry, and black currant; nice toasted vanilla probably coming from the oak barrel aging; pleasing herbal spice; an agreeable hint of oak builds as the wine opens

To the Point: I still like this wine; a great value wine at $9.59 a bottle on sale (and I got another 10% off); so, $8.65 a bottle – That’s it I’m out of here and going back and buy the rest of those bottles on the clearance table.   

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Storyteller Into the Fog Pinot Noir 2012 Review

Winepress Vintners
Sonoma County
Graton, California, USA

On sale at Kroger
For $14.00/ Reg. $21.00
13% abv

Appearance: a translucent crystal red with a deep red core

Aroma: soft and ripe end of the patch berries; as the wine opens there is a hint of floral and a delicate spice note

Flavors: the soft and delicate style continues to the palate with notes of black currant, black raspberry, and a lightly tart cranberry note; a hint of violet evolves with a pinch of of green peppercorn

Mouthfeel: yes, soft and delicate; medium body;

To the Point: a nice wine that you can pick up at the grocery store; probably not one for aging; a very good value wine for under 15 bucks; for 20 dollars and over it’s just okay 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Storyteller Once Upon a Dream 2011 Merlot Review

WX Wine Company
Graton, California, USA

13% abv
$14.00 at Kroger’s

So, the winery must have changed ownership from 2011 to 2012. WX Wine here in 2011 and on the 2012 bottle the company is WinePress.

Appearance: ruby red and translucent 

Aroma: the spice greets the nose first and then berry note(s) follow(s)

Flavors: red berries that remind me of red currant and red raspberry; peppery spice followed by some alcohol warmth.

Mouthfeel:  thin on delivery; spice on the mid; alcohol warmth on the back and finish; light on the berries; sharp on the tongue

To the Point: for the under 15$ range it is okay; which means I would not buy it again; as a Merlot it is below average; berry notes too simple; overall too simple; the alcohol warmth is too much

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cock of the Walk Review

Cock of the Walk

If you like sugar red wine - this is for you.  I poured it on the grass after three sips.  If you are a real wine drinker forget it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frontier Red Lot No. 111 Review

Fess Parker Winery
Santa Maria, California, USA

14.9% abv on the label
$11.99 a bottle
From: Super Fine Wine & Liquor
NV – No Vintage
California Red Wine
Blend: 36% Syrah, 20% Cinsaut, 12% Petite Sirah, 11% Grenache, 8% Carignane, 6% Tempranilla, 3% Souzao, 2% Counoise, 2% Mourvedre
I think they may have missed one or two other grapes!

Appearance: ruby red body

Aroma: after letting the glass breathe for a while the nose seems a little more under control; big time peppery spice at first, as the nose settles – a berry bowl mixture comes to mind and it seems on the tart side of the berry taste

Flavors: right after opening the bottle it is a little tart; the tannins and acidity seem a little wacked out for the moment; black currant, raspberry, dark cherry, and cranberry come into play; nice spice note; a little earthy – more like a watery earthy style or mineral water

Mouthfeel: tart; soft flannel feel; tannins have a little bite; moderate acidity; mineral water on the edge; thin on the back and aftertaste;

To the Point: not bad for a 12 dollar bottle; drinks like a 12 dollar bottle; Lot No. 122 drank like a 25 dollar bottle for only 12 bucks; probably at it end for age; Lot No. 90 is out – I’ll have to look for this one.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Big Easy 2010 Review

Fess Parker Winery
Santa Maria, California, USA

14.9% abv
66% Syrah, 19% Petite Sirah, 15% Grenache
Aged: 20 months in 40% new French & American Oak
Runs around $35.00 bottle
Purchased: Super Fine Wine & Liquor Canton Michigan

Read the posting on the 2009 The Big Easy

Appearance: garnet with a purple edge, nice legs on the glass

Aroma: let this bottle open before enjoying; big juicy dark berries: blackberry, mulberry, boysenberry; solid earthy tone of soil – it’s like you can taste the soil the vines were grown in with each sniff; has sweetness and creaminess of a 55% dark chocolate; here and there I get a whiff of ground white peppercorn with its musty style;

Flavors: the first few sips right after opening the bottle it seemed a little thin; after letting it open the flavors really popped; rich dark berries mingle with the 55% like dark chocolate; a touch of campfire toasted marshmallow; tart cranberry on the mid; peppery spice seems to be more on the finish; nice earthy notes evolve – lighter earthy tone on the front and moderate earthy tones on the back;

Mouthfeel: tannins are under control; nice acidity; hint of sweetness swirls around the dark berry like bitterness; rich berry profile; pleasing earthy tone; dry feel;

Daniel Boone Coon Skin Cap

To the Point: decant this bottle for 30 minutes before enjoying; fresh out of the bottle comes across thin and once it opens up boy is it tasty; just as good as the 2009 blend; might not be as complex as that vintage but damn close; I highly recommend; can age till 2019; I bought a six pack case and I don’t think one of these bottles will make it to 2016 – so, I guess I should buy another six pack!

And, for the cigar lovers – this is great with a fine cigar.  I would recommend a medium rare filet mignon topped with blue cheese and cherries or grilled lamb chops; I will do a full dinner review with this wine down the road.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

the Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Review

North Coast 2012
Geyserville, California, USA
13.5% abv

A collaboration between Dave Matthews and acclaimed wine maker Steve Reader.

Appearance: crimson body with nice ruby edges

Aroma: herbal upfront; lighter dark berries follow mixed with a hint of spice

Flavors: tart cherry; light dark berries; floral; herbal; toasted bread; dark chocolate bitterness on the finish;

Mouthfeel: tart upfront; nice bitterness on the finish; tannins are at work; nice acidity; seems simple and easy to drink

To the Point: you got it simple and easy to drink; 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trivento Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Reserve Review

Mendoza, Argentina
14% abv

I bought this bottle at a fund raiser for Waggin’ Tail Dog Rescue.
From what I recall it was around 10 or 12 bucks but, don’t quote me on that. 

Appearance: dark garnet body with a purplish-red rim

Aroma: nice dark berry notes with a touch of sweet earth

Flavors: black currant, plum skin, sweet herbal, light toasty oak,

Mouthfeel: smooth, tannins and acidity seem under control for a young wine, dark berries and earth on the aftertaste, fairly simple, easy to drink, 

To the Point: for the price – good; should make a nice wine to serve at a party; a good inexpensive restaurant wine. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anderra Carmenere 2012 Review

Baron Philippe de Rothschild
Maipo, Chile

You can find this for under $12 a bottle

Appearance: black plum with a purple rim

Aroma: juice black berry; soil earthy tone; herbal note followed by a fine grind black pepper with a hint of pink peppercorn; sweet cedar

Flavors: black berry; red cherry; soil; spice; toasted vanilla; herbal tea; hint of brown spice

Mouthfeel: nice acidity; tannins under control; nice depth to the black fruit; good variety of flavors to make it interesting; the berries and spice coat the palate

To the Point: for the price a very nice buy; pleasing to drink